The fourth course for Navy Instructor of Hand-to-Hand Combat (CMCC) has been completed

(To Marina Militare)

Friday 24 March 2023, in the presence of the commander of the marine brigade Saint Mark rear admiral Massimiliano Grazioso, the final demonstration took place conducted by the aspiring Instructors of Combat Military Combat (CMCC) at the barracks gym “E. Carlotto" of Brindisi.

Of the 12 visitors, only 6 managed to complete a highly demanding training process, lavishing commitment and demonstrating a great spirit of sacrifice.

Spread over a 5-week program, the course saw the attendees pass particularly demanding physical tests concerning hand-to-hand combat techniques. The candidate personnel, already in possession of a solid foundation in martial arts, tried their hand at learning the CMCC method, which is fundamental in the operations of the Fusilier of the Navy. The technique aims to make the infantryman capable of handling any type of violent physical contact, both with bare hands and with the equipment supplied, in order to be able to arrest and/or immobilize any hostile element without using of lethal force.

The activity ended with a demonstration in the presence of the officers of the marine brigade commands Saint Mark, during which the students demonstrated not only that they had learned the various techniques, but also and above all the ability to present and teach the method.

The marine brigade Saint Mark thus expanding the pool of instructors of Combat Military Combat within its operational component.