Solidarity concert of the Navy Band and presentation of the 2023 calendar

(To Marina Militare)

Doing the honors during the concert, returning after the stop imposed by the containment measures for the Covid-19 emergency, was the Chief of Staff of the Navy, team admiral Enrico Credendino who addressed a greeting and a thanks to the numerous guests present in the room including the Chief of Defense Staff Admiral Giuseppe Cavo Dragone and the Chief of Staff of the Air Force General Sa Luca Goretti.

The concert was presented by the journalist Benedetta Rinaldi together with the lieutenant Florinda Bruschi and the second lieutenant Federico Messini and was organized in favor of the Francesca Rava Foundation NPH Italy Onlus, which for years – thanks also to the support of the Navy – has been taking care of orphaned and abandoned children, in Italy and in every part of the world.

The Navy Band, commanded by the frigate captain Aniello Grasso and directed by the vessel captain Maestro Antonio Barbagallo, performed a varied repertoire, accompanying the spectators on a journey of notes and emotions, starting from the Canto degli Italiani, better known as "Fratelli d'Italia" or "the National Anthem", then passing from opera to pop music, from musicals to pop and rock.

In addition to music, the other protagonist of the evening was obviously solidarity. On stage Mariavittoria Rava - president of Francesca Rava Foundation NPH Italy Onlus - thanked the Navy for the long-lasting availability and effective collaboration between the two realities in favor of children in difficulty both in Italy and abroad and also wanted by his side the judoka Rosalba Forciniti, Olympic medalist in the London 2012 games , exceptional testimonial of the Rava Foundation.

In the middle of the "musical navigation", the 2023 Navy Calendar "Dal Mare Sul Mare" was presented, made unique by the spectacular photos taken by Massimo Sestini, who immortalized with the technique of shooting on the surface of the water (split- shot) the humanity, dedication and professionalism of the women and men who work daily in the Armed Forces immortalized during the various training and operational activities of the Armed Forces.

Each of the 12 images that make up the calendar is representative of the precise context of an operational component, which testifies to the role of the Navy in a national and multinational context, to ensure security in the multi-domain environment that characterizes contemporary scenarios.

On stage, for the occasion, a large representation of Navy professionals in specialized uniforms together with the journalist Guido Meda who interviewed Massimo Sestini and four soldiers, protagonists of some photographs of the calendar and who recounted the preparation and the moment of the shot .

After an enthralling medley on the notes of Deep Purple (Smoke in the toilet), Michael Jackson (Bath) and the Queens (We will rock you; We are the champions), and an encore requested from the musical band (A kind of magic) to further animate the spectators, the evening ended with the most classic of the music of the Armed Forces, the retreat by master Tommaso Mario.

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