COMSUBIN: webinar on nutrition and physical activity

(To Marina Militare)

Il Health Service of Comsubin, always attentive to the main issues concerning the operational staff and the effects on the various activities, recently organized a very interesting Webinar entitled "Nutrition and physical activity: interaction, knowledge, errors and experiments", coordinated and moderated by the frigate captain (san) Gualtiero Meloni.

The meeting, opened by the initial greetings of the Head of Studies of Comsubin CV Emilio Ratti, follows the previous one which concerned "physical performance in extreme environments", and allowed to address and deepen topics of considerable interest such as nutrition for sportsmen, through the authoritative interventions of dr. Saverio Panico, from tv (san) Luigi Formichini Bigi, from tv (san) Fabio Gobbi and dr. Gabriele Trapani, who addressed issues such as diet in aerobic activities, the experimental field ration, the correct use of supplements and the most common mistakes made in such contexts.

A correct diet constitutes, even more so for the personnel who carry out tasks related to physical performance such as Incursori and Divers, a key element to achieve maximum competitive performance, not forgetting that nutrition is still essential for the good health of each of us.

The two very interesting conferences will be available shortly on the Youtube channel of the Navy for greater usability in favor of all staff.

Watch the full video of the webinar:

First day

Second day

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