Comsubin: test of use of special equipment


Ship Anteo continues the training activity in the waters of the Gulf of La Spezia aimed at testing and re-fitting the special underwater equipment supplied with the unit.

The unit moored on the buoys field, through a special kinematic maneuver that allows the static positioning of the articulated ship on four mooring branches consisting of "stevin" anchors and steel cables, in order to allow the underwater department to conduct an important functional test on the new submarine simulacrum, on which it has been possible to carry out repairs both with the McCAN rescue bell and with the SRV 300 submarine.

Particular attention was also paid to the diving tests of diving suits ADS (atmospheric diving system), updated to the latest version called Quantum.

These systems, at the cutting edge of technology, allow the diver to pilot them to conduct underwater operations up to the depth of 300 meters without undergoing environmental pressure and therefore without having to perform any decompression.

Parallel to the underwater operations, the remaining departments of the unit were followed by further training activities concerning passive defense, fire fighting (carried out through functional tests of the 4 water and foam guns provided) and the assumption of force protection structures. with particular regard to the dressing of the operators, the implementation times and communications between teams.

Source: Military Navy