COMSUBIN: seagoing test of the SRN 300 mini-submarine


The operating activities of Nave Anteo restart at the end of a long maintenance visit conducted at the military Arsenal of La Spezia.

In the presence of the commander of COMSUBIN, rear-admiral Francesco Chionna, the underwater unit of the unit was able to use the mini submarine rescue SRV 300 (Submarine Rescue Veichle), thus regaining an important ability to intervene up to the depth of 300 meters.

The mini-submarine SRV 300, on the occasion piloted by vessel lieutenant Daniele Bazzali and second vessel lieutenant Daniele Russo, is one of the most performing vehicles in the world both for the rescue of the crews of the submarines that are in the impossibility of being able to re-emerge, and in the research and underwater investigation missions conducted in the past on multiple occasions in favor of various State Ministries.

The test, conducted following several low-depth dives carried out in the port of La Spezia, was carried out in the open sea and at a considerable altitude, thus making it possible to verify both the full efficiency of the vehicle launching system and the the complete functionality of the numerous electronic and hydraulic systems that make up the S.RV 300.

An intense training phase has thus begun which will involve the unit, under the command of the frigate captain Fabio Cima, for the coming months in order to regain European leadership in the diving sector, thanks to the other equipment supplied, such as the plant integrated for deep dives, the McCann rescue bell and the rigid diving suit ADS (Atmospheric Diving System).

Source: Military Navy