Comsubin: play "The sinking of the Viribus Unitis"

(To Marina Militare)

"The sinking of the Viribus Unitis - The last action of the First World War in the story of the protagonists" is the title of a theatrical performance staged, in compliance with anti-covid rules, on the evening of 17 September at the Diving and Inshore Pools "Theseus Tesei".

In the presence of the prefect of La Spezia and the various civil and military authorities of the area, the participants experienced a moment of considerable emotional involvement, witnessing an extraordinary and meticulous reconstruction, carried out through texts, music and images, by Dr. Ippolita Paolucci, daughter of the MOVM Raffaele Paolucci which, together with the MOVM Raffaele Rossetti, carried out one of the most important naval actions of the Great War with the sinking of the Austro-Hungarian battleship Viribus Unitis.

The period and repertoire images, accompanied by excerpts from the reports and the original diaries of the protagonists, told with the collaboration of two young actors from a school of dramatic art in Rome, gave life to a high-level performance that has received unanimous acclaim, in a setting that was perfectly adapted to the context and to the story of an enterprise that was undoubtedly premonitory for the subsequent and glorious development of the Corps of the Navy Raiders.