Comsubin: the diving school trains in Riva del Garda

(To Marina Militare)

Riva del Garda - The surface of the lake distinguishes two worlds: the mild, sunny and full of landscape contrasts that attenuate the noise of everyday life, and the one beneath its surface, where total darkness, cold and silence enhance the characteristics of who down there to breathe with the cylinders.

It is here, that from September 27 to October 3, the divers of the Italian Navy trained, in compliance with the anti-covid regulations, to dive up to 40 meters deep with the use of air breathing apparatus and self-contained breathing apparatus. .

Guided by their own instructors of the Diving School of COMSUBIN, the students were able to familiarize themselves with the main techniques and procedures for performing dives in cold, dark and poor visibility waters.

The training objective is in fact aimed at learning for the correct use of the dry suit, research systems in an environment without visibility, individual lighting system and use of semi-closed mixture self-contained breathing apparatus.

The training advantages of such an environment, in particular the low temperatures, undoubtedly complete the educational path of a future Navy diver, offering him a multifaceted training that enables him to be versatile use in increasingly different aquatic environments.

La Diving School has been able to achieve this goal thanks to the precious and huge logistical support of the port of San Nicolò and of Divers group of Riva del Garda, which hosted and kept COMSUBIN equipment and offered availability to all military personnel.

Cooperation with these entities, which already boasts a past of noble cooperation with the underwater departments of the Navy, such as in the case of the international "Deep Divex" exercise, confirms that it is a crucial and indispensable requirement for military underwater activities in that territory.

The activity, which ended with the visit of the admiral commander of COMSUBIN Rear Admiral Massimiliano Rossi, therefore marked a training moment of considerable importance for the continuation of the course, which now turns towards the last phases before reaching the blue Basque area.