Comsubin: "Pulmonary Performance in Extreme Environments"


The medical conference on "Lung performance in extreme environments", organized by Comsubin in favor of physicians and civil and military researchers experts in the subject, coming from all over Italy, was successfully concluded.

The conference, named after the medical captain Bruno Falcomatà, gold medal for military valor and head of the naval assault health service during the Second World War, was held in the Comsubin conference and conference hall just restored by the building maintenance team of the grouping.

At the event, presided over by Admiral Francesco Chionna, commander of Comsubin, with about one hundred physicians and nurses coming from hospitals, universities and sector research facilities, without count the students of the Sant'Anna school of Pisa who, through a live streaming, were able to attend all the interventions that took place during the two days of study. Also present was Chief Inspector Mario Tarabbo, head of the naval health inspectorate.

From a scientific point of view, the conference analyzed, from every physiopathological point of view, and provided indications for the management of pulmonary problems resulting in performance in extreme physical and stress conditions, both in the underwater environment (hyperbaric) and in altitude (hypobaric environment) , operational situations both usual for the COMSUBIN raiders and divers.

The conference, in addition to reaffirming and relaunching the role of primacy and reference that belongs to the marine and Comsubin in the specific sector of underwater activities, has also allowed to promote contacts with prestigious agencies and institutions and laid the foundations for a fruitful exchange of data and scientific information in the future.

Source: Military Navy