In Comsubin specialization course for officers who are incursors of normal roles

(To Marina Militare)

On May 8, 2020, the Specialization course for official raiders ended in Comsubin which, given the Corona Virus emergency, was developed during the course of work, using the distance teaching methodology.

The course, reserved for the official gods Normal roles in the rank of lieutenant of vessel already qualified for Incursori, has the aim of making the attendees acquire the skills to perform the duties of staff or command in the field of special operations carried out in the single service area by the department or in interforce or coalition contexts.

During the 4 months of training, conducted by the instructors of the School Raiders supported by some external teachers, two Lower Officers have acquired skills on the doctrine and ordering of special forces, on optoelectronic systems, on the chemistry and physics of explosives and on the technical elements of the vulnerability of shipbuilding in the context of the maritime war.

In the presence of the strong limitations imposed by the COVID-19 emergency, the great flexibility of the School Group of Comsubin allowed to carry out and complete this intense training period, fundamental for the professional growth of future managers of the Incursion Operational Group of the Navy.