Comsubin: Annual meeting of EDTC - European Diving Technology Committee

(To Marina Militare)

Saturday 18 September, the Diving and Inshore Pools "Teseo Tesei" hosted, in compliance with the anti covid rules, the second day of the annual conference ofEuropean Diving Technology Committee (EDTC), an important and prestigious international organization which has among its objectives that of guiding the legislation in the professional diving sector, developing its guidelines through in-depth and knowledge paths especially in the main macro - areas of interest both in the technical-administrative field that of underwater medicine, thus placing itself as an authoritative interlocutor for government institutions and organizations.

During the conference, the members of EDTC, coming from over ten European countries, expressed a particular appreciation for the peculiarities and professionalism that characterize the diving departments of the Navy, which place divers at the top of international diving on a par with the health component. of Comsubin, cutting-edge excellence and reference point in the knowledge of the hyperbaric and underwater medicine sector.