COMSUBIN: 8 young “sailors” are now part of the Underwater Operational Group of the Italian Navy

(To Marina Militare)

Today, Friday 11 February 2022, at the Diving and Inshore Command Teseo Tesei (COMSUBIN) of the Navy, in the presence of the Undersecretary of Defense, Senator Stefania Pucciarelli, of the President of the Defense Committee of the Chamber Honorable Gianluca Rizzo, of the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Navy, team admiral Giuseppe Berutti Bergotto and civil authorities and military, the ceremony for the awarding of diving licenses to the students of the 2021 ordinary course took place.

“The delivery of the patent and the coveted blue beret, one of the traditional distinctive features of the Navy divers, has officially proclaimed the entry into the Underwater Operating Group of eight new operators. I want to underline this number - eight - of newly patented because, considering the initial group of aspiring divers, then reduced to 26 suitable and admitted to start the course, it gives the measure of how hard and selective the 11 months of training were for access this component of excellence of the Navy " - underlined the Undersecretary of State for Defense, Senator Stefania Pucciarelli, in her speech at the end of the ceremony for the delivery of patents to those attending the “Kraken” 2021 ordinary diving course.

The Deputy Chief of Staff of the Navy, Admiral Giuseppe Berutti Bergotto, encouraged the divers, recalling how “Having achieved the characteristic blue beret of Marina divers today is just the beginning. Your specialist training continues with an integrative internship to perfect your professional preparation through the learning of operating procedures and the improvement of techniques and in-depth knowledge of the systems and equipment supplied to the department. "

Thanks also to the possibility offered by the competition for Volunteers in One Year Fixed (VFP1), many young people were selected to face the demanding training course lasting about a year that allowed the School Group to patent 8 operators who have received the basic training of the highest physical and professional level necessary to be employed in any complex underwater operation and to intervene on any explosive device found in a maritime context.

“Today for you, patented young people, a journey into a beautiful world begins - said Admiral Rossi, commander of Comsubin - full of exciting challenges that every day will see you put to the test in the body but above all in the spirit. "

You can become a diver in the Navy by attending the Naval Academy of Livorno and the Non-commissioned schools, or by participating, as already mentioned, in a special competition for Volunteers in One Year Fixed (VFP1) published in the Official Gazette which allows direct access to the Diving School of the COMSUBIN.

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