Co.Ce.R .: music has changed, patience is running out


Our Fusiliers are tired: For being ignored for a long time, for being used, for broken promises, for distant families, for a situation that finds no way out.

Yesterday's video link with India was eloquent and we are convinced that the more time passes, the worse it will be ...

The Co.Ce.R Marina for the umpteenth time becomes the spokesperson of the represented personnel asking for a rapid and adequate response to the requests of Salvatore and Massimiliano: return home with honor !!!

How can we fail to take into account the solidarity expressed to our Fuciliers by the Italians during the June 2 ceremony, the thunderous applause and the demonstrations of closeness to those who wore the Navy uniform, are signs that the Government cannot and must not ignore .

The President of the Council continually asks all members of the country for a sense of responsibility, change of pace, awareness of the situation, today the Co.Ce.R. Marina asks him.

Put your enthusiasm and energy into practice to bring our kids home.