In Catania demonstration on dressing and undressing techniques in high bio-containment

(To Marina Militare)

The Santissimo Salvatore hospital in Paternò (CT) requested a demonstration at the Helicopter Station of the Navy (MARISTAELI) of Catania for a refinement of the management of patients infected with the COVID-19 virus. The MARISTAELI health team, in fact, possesses the knowledge necessary for the use of biological protection personal protective equipment (PPE) for high bio-containment, and has been able to provide assistance and advice for the preparation of the areas triage and brief observation of the hospital facility.

The activity was coordinated by the director of the health service of the base, the captain of frigate Salvatore Mirabile and by the health director of the hospital unit, Dr. Agata Santocito, with a series of demonstrative meetings regarding the dressing and undressing procedures of the health personnel and auxiliary of the departments involved in the emergency (First Aid, Otolaryngology, Pulmonology and Anesthesia).

The specialized personnel of the Navy also shared knowledge on the procedures for setting up the areas dedicated to the emergency, as well as the techniques of biological risk management and staff sanitation, after undressing. The bio-containment team of the Catania Helicopter Station was born in 2013 to equip the Navy with the emergency transport capacity of potentially infectious patients from naval units in the central Mediterranean.

The Helicopter Station manages, in collaboration with the Military Corps of the Italian Red Cross, two ISOARK N36-4 type bio-containing stretcher-carrying stretchers and a fixed bio-containment chamber. These arrangements contribute to making Catania Airport one of the three national entry points for highly infectious airborne patients, together with the airports of Pratica di Mare (RM) and Malpensa (MI).