Marshals training campaign - Nave San Giusto leaves the port of Trieste

(To Marina Militare)

Ship San Giusto returned to greet Trieste where the first stage of the 2022 Education Campaign took place in favor of the pupil marshals of the Officers' School departed from the naval base of Taranto on 25 July.

Going out to sea with some of the vehicles supplied to the ship, training on the roles on board specifically those relating to the emergency, firefighting teams at sea, these are some of the activities in which the students have actively participated and which have made it possible to touch the spirit firsthand. group of a crew, while developing the right focus that has always characterized the figure of a professional of the sea.

On 29 July the ship was able to consolidate its deep bond with the city of Trieste by receiving a visit from the local civil and military authorities on board at a lunch organized by the commander of the vessel captain Antonio Giuseppe Palombella. Ship San Giusto during the entire period of its stay, from 29 to 31 July, it opened its doors to the citizens of Trieste who, with great interest and admiration, presented themselves on board the Unit where, welcomed by the crew, they were were accompanied to visit the ship's premises.

There was no lack of opportunities for students to visit some of the major historical and cultural attractions that the city of Trieste offers: Piazza Unità d'Italia, the Castle of San Giusto and the remains of the Roman Forum, Piazza della Borsa and Teatro Verdi, as well as the main historical streets. Furthermore, on Sunday 31st, at the Church of S. Antonio Traumaturgo, the celebration of the Holy Mass was held, officiated by the military chaplain on board Don Marius Cristinel Cadar, in which the students took part together with the Trieste population.

On 1 August the ship leaves the port of Trieste ready to head towards the city of Split, in Croatia, which will mark the second stage of the training campaign and where it will stop from 4 to 8 August. During the stop, visits will take place on board the local military and civil authorities and the ship's crew together with the students will be able to participate in the celebrations relating to the national holiday for the Victory Day and Thanksgiving to the Fatherland.