Change at the top for the Navy Fusiliers

(To Marina Militare)

On Wednesday 20 April, in the forecourt of the "Ermanno Carlotto" barracks in Brindisi, the ceremony for the change of command of the marine brigade took place Saint Mark and the command of the military garrison of Brindisi between Rear Admiral Luca Anconelli (transferor) and Rear Admiral Massimiliano Giuseppe Grazioso (successor), chaired by the commander-in-chief of the naval team, Admiral Aurelio De Carolis.

Admiral Anconelli left his post after almost two years, during which the men and women of the marine brigade Saint Mark have been involved internationally in support of Maritime Operations carried out by the naval team, as well as in the Land Operations active under the Bilateral Assistance and Support Mission in Libya, in the context of the Italian Bilateral Mission in Lebanon, in the operation First Parthica active in Iraq, Djibouti at the Italian Military Support Base and finally in Somalia.

At the same time, the riflemen continued to provide constant support to public safety, contributing to the Safe Roads operation, and support to the Defense in the vaccination campaign in favor of the civilian population, participating in the EOS operation.

I Leoni of Saint Mark they were also engaged in exercises of a character Joint and Combined, such as the Gruflex-22, highly realistic Spanish air-naval training organized with the participation of the Italian Navy, and the Cold Response 22, the largest NATO troop exercise this year where riflemen trained to operate in arctic spaces and harsh climate territories.

Under the command of Admiral Anconelli it took place in June 2021 at the Castello Svevo il G20 - Foreign Ministerial Meeting - Development. The brigade also celebrated in September of the same year the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of the Navy infantry in the city of Brindisi: during this historic event a series of cultural, social and sporting events were organized, as well as demonstration activities on the amphibious capabilities of the Navy and its peculiarities.

Rear Admiral Grazioso assumes command of the San Marco marine brigade, and returns to the family of Winged lion with the responsibility of continuing to guarantee the maximum operability of a department that has historically always been employed on the front line, characterized by high professionalism, promptness and flexibility.

He assumes the delicate and prestigious assignment, returning to the marine brigade Saint Mark, after having already carried out various tasks within the amphibious component.

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