Happy birthday Vespucci

(To Marina Militare)

On February 22, celebrated by the inseparable crew in the most laborious period of the annual maintenance stop, Nave Vespucci celebrated the 91st anniversary of the historic launch, which took place at the Castellammare di Stabia shipyard in 1931. 

Its golden figurehead has sailed all the seas of the globe and its sails have been inflated by the winds of all quadrants, but this timeless vessel, the pride of the Navy, is always ready to experience new adventures. 

Symbol of national maritimeity, guardian of ancient traditions and ambassador of Italy in the world, the ship has not been intimidated by the pandemic, giving the country, in the last two years, day and night passages along the coast, often illuminating the tree-lined with colors of the flag, to transmit a signal of hope and cohesion even without being able to offer visits on board to the population when in port. The cadet officers spent more time at sea than their predecessors, experiencing continuous emotions that stimulated them to know and overcome their limits, learning the seafaring art. 

The work in progress situation did not allow for the organization of celebrations on board, but an inevitable convivial moment for the proud crew members, true protagonists of its longevity and functionality, was set up in the large arsenal shed dedicated to the maintenance of seafaring equipment , in compliance with the health precautions still active. 

The second garment chosen QS Antonio Di Rienzo embarked two years ago commented “On board the Vespucci you immerse yourself in a past rich in history and tradition, you can breathe the passion of those who have taken care of it for 91 years. It is a healthy and inclusive environment: a big family ".

The occasion was also propitious to bring together the commanders of the other sailing ships of the Navy on board, underlining the specific professionalism, of particular importance for the Armed Force, that the personnel of these units interpret. In fact, in the afternoon, thanks to the extraordinary collaboration of the local MM Sailing Section, the representatives of the respective crews celebrated the "oldest ship" giving life to a regatta in the waters of the Gulf of Poets with J24, Dolphin and Soling boats.