San Marco Marine Brigade: completed the XII amphibious specialization course

(To Marina Militare)

On 24 November 2022, at the end of a 24-week training process, the XII amphibious specialization course was completed at the "E. Carlotto" barracks in Brindisi. This training is aimed at amphibious officers who, after having carried out their first duties within the component, undertake a path that will lead them to cover positions within the Staff and in the company commands of the marine brigade Saint Mark

The young officers of the landing force have acquired notions concerning the planning of land and amphibious operations, taking on rotation different positions in order to better consolidate their knowledge in all fields: from logistic to operational, from communications to fire support. The educational visits and the discussion of the main military maneuvers in history, as opportunities for study, represented a useful moment of learning, at the basis of the professionalism of the amphibious personnel. The doctrine that has distinguished the most valiant military leaders over the centuries has contributed significantly to the personal growth of visitors, stimulating food for thought and mutual comparison. 

With the discussion of the term papers on current topics, which range from the new prospects for the use of the Landing Force to important historical enterprises, an articulated cycle of studies therefore closes: the future managerial class of the Marina San Marco Brigade is ready to face new challenges, strong in being able to count on a solid and multi-purpose knowledge background. The conclusion of the course represents for the 8 Officers the access gate to work at the top levels of the amphibious component, crowning the end of a period full of multifaceted experiences of high depth.