San Marco marine brigade, completed the 7th module "Opposed"

(To Marina Militare)

The seventh "Opposed" module conducted in favor of the fusiliers of the 2nd regiment has ended Saint Mark.

It is a three-week training, which represents the culmination of the training path of Navy riflemen in the sector Vessel Boarding Seize & Secure (VBSS). Only those who successfully pass this form are in fact inserted into the devices of the marine brigade Saint Mark operating on ships in operational contexts characterized by the greatest risk to maritime safety.

Seventh of the series that began in 2015, this module was conducted for the first time entirely by the training staff of the 2nd rgt in the Brindisi and Taranto offices and decreed the operational maturity reached in the specific sector by the marine brigade Saint Mark. In addition to making use of the brigade's training areas and supports, the activities were carried out with the invaluable support of the command of the second naval division, Nave Garibaldi and of Nave Durand De La Penne, as well as helicopters from the 4th Grottaglie helicopter group.

Now nineteen new operators are ready to defend the interests of the Nation inserted in the "Opposed" teams of the brigade embarked on the ships of the naval team.