Augusta, Degaussing activity for the Viareggio ship

(To Marina Militare)

The activities of the CSSN continue with the station of degaussing of Augusta which sees the units of the naval team engaged in the verification and calibration of the magnetic signature reduction system. The activity of the polygon, located in the Terravecchia area at the Maritime Command Sicily, has resumed in recent days with Nave Viareggio.

For the minesweeper units the importance of the activities of degaussing.

The passage of the unit on the sensors of the polygon allows to measure the magnetic signature of the same, providing indications on the actions necessary to reduce this signature for a more effective defense of the vehicle from threats that use the magnetic differential such as naval mines.

Il degaussing it is a passive protection system for naval units and boats and it is therefore essential, if not vital, to ensure its efficiency and calibration, especially before a mission or after work stops.

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