Awarded the 'SACEUR Recognition Award' to a Navy officer

(To Marina Militare)

Last 11 June, at the Supreme Headquartes Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) in Mons (Belgium), the supreme allied commander in Europe (SACEUR), general US Air Force Tod D. Wolters, has awarded the SACEUR Recognition Award a small group of NATO officers, non-commissioned officers and civil servants.

The award is a prestigious recognition that the supreme commander of the NATO Forces in Europe pays tribute to the military and civilian personnel who distinguished themselves for their merits of service.

Among the winners, after a selection from more than 7.000 military and civilian candidates of SHAPE, an officer of the Italian Navy. The frigate captain Beniamino Scorcelletti has in fact received the acknowledgment of receipt for his contribution to his job in NATO.

In a formal but relaxed setting, SACEUR, in front of the military and their families, thanked them for their indispensable support and expressed gratitude for the commitment, dedication and performance of the award-winning staff.