Heavy set-up aboard the destroyer Caio Duilio

(To Marina Militare)

This evening, during a training activity in the Central Tyrrhenian Sea, the SH 101 helicopter of the destroyer Caio Duilio of the Navy, during a night training flight, carried out a heavy fitting. The ship's security team immediately intervened to avoid the risk of a fire. The six crew members left the helicopter independently and, immediately visited by the ship's doctor, were in good health.

The causes of the event are being assessed.

Take-off and assembly from a ship, particularly the night one, are peculiar activities of the Naval Aviation and require complex and continuous training, in relation to the instability and the reduced dimensions of the platform.

The SH 101 is a medium-heavy boarded helicopter capable of carrying out antisubmarine, anti-ship, command and control operations of naval operations, Maritime Patrol Helicopter, Search and Rescue (SAR) and heliax.

Photo: MM archive