Amnesty International visits the patrolling forces


In Sicily for a research project on migratory flows in the Mediterranean and on search and rescue events (SAR - search and rescue), a delegation from Amnesty International, the independent world non-governmental organization that acts worldwide to defend rights human, February 25 visited the Cigala Fulgosi Navy patrol boat.

The three researchers (Elisa De Pieri, Matteo De Bellis and Anneliese Baldaccini) were received at the Augusta naval base, by the commander of the patrol forces for surveillance and coastal defense (Comforpat), rear-admiral Mario Culcasi, to attend a presentation on the Mare Nostrum humanitarian operation and continue with a visit on board the Navy patrol boat, where the commander of the Cigala Fulgosi, frigate captain Riccardo Del Bianco, assisted by some crew members, explained the equipment and onboard arrangements used during migrant relief activities.

The commander then described in detail the actions that the women and men of the crew perform during the delicate search and rescue operations to safeguard life at sea; operations that were taking place at that very moment off Lampedusa, where the San Giusto and Grecale ships were rescuing over 800 migrants.

Source: Military Navy

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