To the Italian Navy The Hsa 2022 Siren Award

(To Marina Militare)

Wednesday 13 July - HSA ITALIA (Handicapped Scuba Association International) awarded the Navy the "HSA 2022 SIREN AWARD", a prestigious award for social commitment, solidarity and qualified support in favor of disabled personnel dedicated to the activities underwater, as a fundamental tool for inclusion, awareness and moral and psychological support.

The award was presented to the divers and raiders group Theseus Tesei in the hands of the commander rear admiral Massimiliano Rossi by the president of HSA Italy dott. Aldo Torti, and testifies to the constant attention of the Armed Force towards social issues and the sharing of such important values ​​as help for those who are less fortunate or live in situations of hardship.

The event was attended by a representation of athletes and divers with disabilities with their companions and instructors, as witnesses of the many diving activities carried out at the group since 2006, and ready to join the many fellow divers for the next appointments that will see again the Italian Navy and Comsubin alongside them.