Aggregation CSG 10 US NAVY - USS George HW Bush aircraft carrier

(To Marina Militare)

During the aggregation to the Carrier Strike Group 10 (CSG 10) of the US Navy, the frigate Carabiniere made a stop at the port of Split (Croatia) from 5 to 7 November.

The Italian ship is participating in the escort of the USS aircraft carrier George HW Bush guaranteeing, in particular, the defense from underwater threats thanks to the strong detection and tracking capabilities ensured by the performing on-board SONAR system.

During the aggregation period, many operational and training activities will be carried out: integration, cooperation and interoperability are the objectives set by the Navy.

Furthermore, the conduct of an exchange program for young officers between the frigate should be emphasized Carabiniere and the missile cruiser USS Leyte Gulf, this activity will allow an important transfer of experience and knowledge in view of ever greater opportunities for collaboration.

The aggregation, which will end on 7 December, will be a precious opportunity to further consolidate the procedures and capabilities necessary to guarantee effective protection of an aircraft carrier group and to test the interoperability of the air and naval assets of different navies, strengthening the historical ties between countries. allies, united by a vital interest in the sea.

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