Sea training for the second naval division

(To Marina Militare)

These days, the Navy is at sea for an intense training activity aimed at maintaining full operational capacity after more than 1 year from the last time the units were able to train before the COVID-19 pandemic hit our Country. In the Gulf of Taranto, the second naval division, under the command of team admiral Paolo Pezzutti, is conducting an exercise with naval units, air assets and units of the brigade Saint Mark, which sees the aircraft carrier engaged Cavourthe destroyer Andrea Doria, the logistic support vessel Etna, and Ship Bergamini currently integrated into the OMS device which Flagship.

With Nave certification Cavour to the use of F-35Bs and with the entry of the Navy in the 5th generation, the resumption of training activities will allow the development of the ability to operate within a Task Group, including the aircraft carrier capability, a qualifying element of the CVBG, complemented by the AAW, ASUW and ASW capabilities of the escort units.

The naval group will be able to allow a projection in the main scenarios where our ships are engaged with the task of showing our flag and cooperating with all allied navies and partner countries.

The exercise aims to train crews in the main types of operations at sea, from the various forms of fighting, to shooting against a towed target, to kinematic maneuvers and in resuming the fundamental seafaring activities. The program is set up according to an "increasing difficulty" logic, with the aim of putting personnel to the test in a complex and realistic environment, thus consolidating and increasing their skills, both on an individual and crew level.

Training at sea is fundamental for the Navy, because it allows crews to be prepared, in the most effective and realistic way possible, to safely carry out their institutional duties, to ensure the protection of national interests in a maritime country like ours.