Casualty Evacuation training on board Nave Fasan

(To Marina Militare)

Ship's healthcare staff Fasan, as part of the EUNAVFOR ASPIDES Operation, conducted a training activity to maintain a high standard of training for the medical team and stretcher bearers, simulating a health emergency scenario with a focus on helicopter evacuation procedures (CASEVAC).

During the exercise, a simulated casualty was stabilized on a spinal stretcher, thus ensuring safe immobilization of the spine. Subsequently, the team of stretcher bearers transported the injured man to the recovery area, where he was transferred onto a winchable stretcher, specifically designed for helicopter lifting operations.

The helicopter, the BITTA 41 currently on board the FREMM class unit, performed a series of complex maneuvers to hook and lift the stretcher safely, with the fruitful involvement of the flight specialists and the medical team.

Overall, the exercise highlighted the importance of operational readiness and synergy between the healthcare team and the embarked helicopter section. These skills are essential to ensure the rapid and safe transfer of injured people to higher-level healthcare facilities.