December 4: the Navy celebrates Santa Barbara, its patron saint

(To Marina Militare)

Today, 4 December 2020, at the Church of Santa Caterina da Siena in Magnanapoli, His Excellency Monsignor Santo Marcianò, military ordinary for Italy, officiated the solemn mass of Santa Barbara.

The celebration saw the presence only of the main military and civil authorities, postponing to next year the free opening to citizenship and to the weapons and combatant associations that characterize the solemn mass of Santa Barbara every year at the Roman Basilica.

The ceremony is a particularly heartfelt moment for the staff of the Navy and those who have been part of it dedicating most of their lives to it, with a deep thought addressed to the sailors who, in the seas of the world, in operational theaters and on the national territory, carry out their work at the service of the homeland and the community.

The Navy Chief of Staff, Team Admiral Giuseppe Cavo Dragone, "Even more so on this day when we celebrate our patron saint, Santa Barbara, my thoughts go to the Women and Men of the Navy, who, far from their own affections in the various operational contexts, national and international, continue to guarantee the fulfillment of the institutional tasks of the Armed Force and to support the country by helping the community always at the forefront ".