166 new sailors have sworn allegiance to the Italian Republic

(To Marina Militare)

Friday 17 December, under the sign Homeland and Honor which has always stood out in the Piazza D'Armi della Officers' School of the Navy of Taranto, in the presence of the Commander Rear Admiral Andrea Petroni, have sworn allegiance to the Italian Republic 166 VFP1 Volunteers in fixed annual stop, including 52 women.

As early as next week, most of them will operate aboard the naval squad units, a small portion will remain at the Training Institute to complete a short qualification path that will lead them to acquire the "Cookery and Canteen Master" category. and related skills.

In the presence of a small number of parents and relatives of the jurands who intervened in full compliance with the anti Covid-19 regulations, Admiral Commander, in a passage of his speech, referring to the night between 18 and 19 December 80 years ago gone down in history as the Company of Alexandria, wanted to point out to the young sailors the importance of the Values ​​and Traditions of the Armed Force, values ​​that allowed heroes, such as Commander Duran De La Penne, to accomplish an epic feat and an extraordinary victory against what was, at the time, the largest navy in the world, the British one ... and which allowed the Italy to exercise maritime power in the Mediterranean.