119 new complementary marshals in the service of the country

(To Marina Militare)

The training period for 02 attendants of the 119st Marshals complementary course at the Officers' School of the Military Navy of Taranto.

The attendants, coming from the sergeants and graduates role and from heterogeneous specialized extraction, crossed the threshold of the training institute again on 30 May last, after years and with a consolidated seniority of service.

The 3-month course provided the features and general bases for the transition to the senior role; after a short period of in-processing, targeted teaching was immediately launched through various and diversified subjects which aroused great interest in all the staff: from the experiential module to Leadership to the concepts of Cyber ​​Defense; from Criminal Law to International Humanitarian Law; from the Military Order to the in-depth study of the foreign language.

The complementary courses are a valuable training and employment tool for the Armed Forces aimed not only at the professional growth of the military, but also at the enrichment of non-commissioned officers' roles by means of personnel with solid experiential, technical and professional background.

Good wind and calm sea, therefore, to the new marshals of the XXI ° supplementary course marshals "MAAT".

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