Nave Palinuro's 2022 Education Campaign has begun

(To Marina Militare)

On the evening of Tuesday 7 June, the School ship palinuro set sail from the Military Arsenal of La Spezia to officially start the 2022 Education Campaigns for the students of the “Francesco Morosini” Military Naval School and the Marshals School of the Taranto Navy.

On board the ship, from the Ligurian base, 47 students of the course called “MEITHRAS” of the Venetian School are on board, together with their 5 companions, who arrived from the Venetian capital in the late afternoon of the previous day.

To do the honors was the commander himself, frigate captain Francesco Rima, who welcomed them also on behalf of his crew. The young sailors, who recently cried out their oath to the Fatherland in Piazza San Marco in Venice, will receive the "baptism of the sea" for about 4 weeks, immersing themselves in life on board.

Having set foot on the gangway for the first time, the Allievi received the first lesson of being on board with the demonstration of the assembly of the hammock: a cot that is traditionally reserved for personnel in training on the sailing school ships of the Navy.

The training activity dedicated to them includes both temporal windows dedicated to study, alternating with watch shifts, and living the essence of sailing on a sailing unit where the cohesion of the Crew, guardian of moral values ​​and heartfelt attachment to traditions , resilience, the transfer of professional experience and the ample opportunity to learn the seafaring art, will constitute a profitable and indelible experience in their training process. In this way they will be able to root an adequate mastery and confidence with what the figure of the Sailor represents. All will contribute to making available to the other a wide range of multidisciplinary and multifunctional professional skills. In all these challenges, the young students of the F. Morosini Military Naval School at the end of July "will pass the baton" to the marshal students of the Taranto NCO School.

In addition to the educational activity, to which it is traditionally destined, the schooner Palinuro will be engaged in an intense activity of representation starting from Procida, the Italian capital of culture 2022, where the sailing ship of the Navy will be a splendid setting for the various events related to culture.

During the whole Education Campaign, it will be possible to admire the Palinuro ship in full sail in the Tyrrhenian Sea, in the Ionian Sea and in the Western Mediterranean or in port throughout the summer.