XX edition of the Genoa science festival: over a thousand visitors at the Segredifesa stand

(To Secret defense)

The XX edition of the "Festival della Scienza" in Genoa ended yesterday, which saw the presence of the general secretariat of defense and the national armaments directorate with a stand in Piazza delle Feste dedicated to some projects of the National Military Research Program (PNRM), managed by the XNUMXth department of the secretariat itself.

"In this 20 years festival, which has a particular meaning for us, it was really a pleasure to have the Ministry of Defense with us again with three innovative demonstrators", said Dr. Fulvia Mangili, director of the Science Festival, on visiting the stand where the three projects were exhibited (a device that allows underwater wireless communication between the members of a team and the naval support unit; a system exoskeletal able to facilitate the soldier to transport equipment and reduce the risk of trauma and injuries; and a particular type of ski that allows anyone with a disability to practice sports safely). Excellencies that have aroused the curiosity, interest and appreciation of over a thousand visitors who have had the opportunity to understand how much Defense is committed to research, development and technological innovation, also in consideration of the fact that they can find their application both in the military world than in the civil one (dual use).

The transversality of the public, from students of Ligurian schools to the national and international academic world, is the characteristic element of this scientific event, in which the Segredifesa laboratories have shown that "The importance of PNRM and technological research and innovation lies in the fact that the capabilities we will have tomorrow, even the operational ones, are the direct consequence of the technological research we are doing today", as supported by Dr. Luisa Riccardi, director of the XNUMXth department of the secretariat.