Visit by the commander of the Lebanese Army Aoun to Segredifesa

(To Secret defense)

Received today at Palazzo Guidoni, headquarters of Segredifesa, by the general of the army corps Luciano Portolano, general secretary of defense and national director of armaments, General Joseph Aoun, commander of the Lebanese Army, on a courtesy visit.

The interview took place in a setting of warm cordiality and follows the previous meetings between the two officers, which took place when General Portolano held the posts of head of mission and commander of the UN Force (UNIFIL) first and commander of the operational command of interforce forces onwards.

The occasion allowed to consolidate the previous strong bonds of friendship and to deepen some issues concerning the delicate balances of the Middle Eastern chessboard. Topics of common interest were also discussed, reflecting the difficult processes of modernization and procurement of the respective military instruments, made more and more complex by the worsening of the international political-strategic framework.