Seminar "Managing stress: a road to well-being"

(To Secret defense)

On April 20, 2022, at the “Caccia Dominioni” room of Palazzo Guidoni in Rome, the seminar entitled “Managing stress: a road to well-being” took place.

The seminar, the only one of its kind and promoted by the general affairs office of the general secretary, is part of a project to promote the well-being of the staff of the Technical Administrative area.

The head of the general office of the Secretary General of Defense / DNA, Brigadier General Filippo Gabriele, during the greeting addressed to those present, underlined "How important it is to dedicate an institutional space to these issues in order to be able to act on the quality of life of the staff and on organizational resilience".

The seminar, through the interventions of the speakers, addressed the issue of stress by focusing attention on the physiological and psychological processes that underlie it and on the consequences, in terms of health and / or well-being, or on the possibility that each of us has to transform “Stressogenic” stimuli into illness or growth opportunities.

The assumption that guided the seminar is that, through the knowledge of the processes that regulate human feeling and acting, it is possible to favor the management of stressful life moments, prevent the development of psychophysical disorders and promote a healthy lifestyle. .

The meeting ended with a series of "partisan tips" that allow people to cultivate well-being in everyday life by also carrying out an experiential part.

The seminar saw the active participation of the staff who with their contributions contributed to the realization of the event, to make the atmosphere pleasant and the classroom a fertile ground for learning and interpersonal comparison.