Segredifesa: 2023 calendar presented

(To Secret defense)

Army corps general Luciano Portolano, general secretary of defense and national armaments director, presented the 2023 Segredifesa calendar today at Palazzo Guidoni. The editorial project aims to reflect the identity evolution of the Defense Technical-Administrative Area over the last 100 years and how this has provided a decisive contribution to the process of innovation and growth of the military instrument, with a view to maximum convergence of objectives with national industry, the search for important partnerships with friendly and allied countries and the achievement of the greatest possible strategic autonomy and technological sovereignty.

In the opening pages, after the notes by the President Sergio Mattarella and the Minister of Defense Guido Crosetto, the introductory text by General Portolano underlines how the rapid evolution of the international geopolitical scenario, marked by the conflict in Ukraine, has forced reflections also within the Secretariat , which includes, among other things, the responsibility for equipping the national Armed Forces with the assets and capabilities necessary to operate in the future operational environment. All of this requires a rapid evolution from the multi-domain concept to an even more markedly integrated one-type approach all-domain joint, emphasizing the fusion rather than the integration of domains, in a context in which the Armed Forces, supported by a unified command and control structure, operate as a whole force, under the assumption that the final result will be greater than the sum of its set off.

The primary narrative role of the calendar is played by the iconographic part, in accordance with the old adage: “a picture is worth a thousand words”. The selection favored photographs that testify and narrate the activities, values ​​and commitment of Segredifesa in planning and realizing the future of the Italian Armed Forces and of the country, which have repercussions on civil society and which contribute to improving the dissemination of culture of Defense.

In the monthly tables it was decided to combine modern and futuristic photos with historical images. Through the "ancient/modern" parallel, we have tried to highlight the very high specialization of the human, civil and military component, the multidisciplinarity, thus enhancing the harmony of the specificities of the Technical-Administrative Area, such as, for example, the research and innovation, international projection and qualified management of resources, in constant contact with the local area. The calendar is also embellished with a removable central insert in parchment paper, bearing a 1924 aerial photo of the Centocelle airfield, today the "Francesco Baracca" military airport. The site was the site of the first Italian airport and the first flight school in Italy and today houses various defense bodies, including Segredifesa.