NATO's CBRN Warning and Reporting systems tested at the NBC School

(To Greater Defense)

The Information Exchange Event 21, NATO exercise to observe and report CBRN events (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) in which the centers of the National Military Networks of Italy, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland.

For Italy, in addition to the CBRN Area Control Center of the Joint Forces School for Defense NBC, the national top body, the operations room of the command of the land operational forces and the Army operational command were also involved, as Zone Control Center, the North and South Operational Forces Command, the Alpine Troop Command, the Naval Squad Command-in-Chief and the Aerospace Operations Command, such as collection center, as well as the 7th CBRN Defense Regiment, Nave Mimbelli and the military airport of Aviano, such as sub collection center.

The training activity, included among the NATO activities Smart Defense Project and in National Exercise Plan of the operational command of interforce forces, aims to test the exchange of information relating to the spread of contamination of CBRN substances with specific reference to cross-border accidents.

In particular, the Information Exchange Event 21 exercised: the centers of Warning and Reporting NATO and national, in carrying out the prediction of contaminated areas following CBRN incidents; the network in the management of CBRN information, according to NATO standards; the functioning of the data exchange lines between the various centers involved.