Divers of the Navy and Bomb Squads of the Italian Army remove war residue in Bracciano

(To Marina Militare)

The divers of the Underwater Operational Group (GOS) of the Underwater Command and Incursors (Comsubin) of the Navy, seconded to the Nucleo Deminamento Difesa Antimezzi Insidosi (SDAI) of La Spezia, led together with the bomb squads of the Italian Army under the 6th pioneers regiment of Rome a delicate operation of removal and neutralization of an 81mm mortar shell of American nationality, dating back to the last world war.

The emergency intervention, ordered by the prefecture of Rome following the discovery of the bomb at a stretch of free beach of Lake Bracciano in the locality of Anguillara (RM), allowed the removal and destruction of the artifact.

The bomb was removed from the divers and handed over to the bomb squad who transported it to the safety area, identified by the competent authority, for the subsequent blasting.

It is good to remind anyone who finds objects that, due to their shape and size, can recall an explosive device or parts of it, that these artifacts can be very dangerous, therefore they must not be touched or tampered with in any way, but their presence must be immediately reported. to the police, so as to allow the intervention of the bomb squad in order to restore safety conditions.