NATO: Steadfast Jackal 2021 completed

(To Greater Defense)

The executive phase of the exercise was completed at the NRDC-ITA headquarters in Solbiate Olona (VA) Steadfast Jackal 2021, a concrete training opportunity aimed at improving the planning and application capacity of NATO command and control procedures in the configuration of Joint Task Force Headquarters, projected into a crisis scenario.

Over 500 military personnel involved, partly multinationals from 18 nations, testifying to a synergy characterized by the use of all the personnel of the Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force and Carabinieri) with the involvement of other Alliance bodies including the AIRCOM (Air Command), the French JFAC (Joint Force Air Command), the German SOCC (Special Operations Component Command), the Vittorio Veneto, in the planning and conduct of a SJO (Small Joint Operation) in a context other than that envisaged for the application of Article 5 of the Atlantic Treaty.

In particular, the exercises focused their attention on the effectiveness of the interaction procedures between the operational and tactical levels through the reaction to multiple activations, useful for improving the professional background of the staff and the specific knowledge necessary to complete the configuration of a Joint Headquarters.

In particular, the activity developed some relevant issues, such as the analysis of operational criticalities linked to the decision-making process and the exercise of leadership supported by the correct and punctual application of the executive procedures by the staff. Furthermore, during the training period, the NRDC-ITA personnel were able to familiarize themselves with the preparatory processes for the integration of the various functional areas.

Coinciding with the XNUMXth anniversary of the foundation, the NATO command in Milan therefore continues to train itself to better fulfill its institutional tasks and confirm itself as an organization capable of supporting Atlantic policies to combat crises and promote global stability. .