Special Forces fly training with disabled athletes

(To Greater Defense)

​In recent days, the joint operational command of the special forces (COFS) has conducted a training activity in closed parachute flight techniques with personnel with disabilities who have operated in the sector special operations, in collaboration with the Aero Gravity of Pero, site of the largest vertical tunnel in the world. 

The activity was attended by representatives of the COFS and of the special forces departments (9th “Col Moschin” assault paratrooper regiment, raiding operative group, 17th raiding party, special intervention group, 4th “Monte Cervino” alpine paratrooper regiment " and 185th rgt. acquisition of "Folgore" objectives") together with the 1st ranked raider, on leave, Marco Pisani (Gold Cross of Merit of the Italian Army) and the sergeant raider, on leave, Emanuele Valenza (Medal of Gold of Merit of the Navy), victims of a terrorist attack that took place in Iraq in 2019 during a special operation. Dr. Andrea Pacini, head of the section, also participated with them. disability project of Aero Gravity and reigning world champion of "indoor flight for the disabled".

During the training, the instructors of the COFS and of the special forces departments, together with the instructors of Aero Gravity, have been able to create the necessary amalgam between instructors and students, allowing the latter to face new challenges. Specifically, the personnel in question were accompanied in learning flight techniques that make it possible to overcome the limits due to various disabilities.

At the end of this learning path, in the presence of an international examiner (Aaron Ferri, International Bodyflight Association Level 4 and tunnel instructor examiner), Emanuele Valenza, already in possession of the "tunnel instructor" qualification, confirmed the suitability necessary for the maintaining this qualification, making him the only disabled person in the world in possession. Marco Pisani, on the other hand, obtained the class A qualifications of "Static flyer" and "Dynamic flyer", in addition to the title of "Coach" issued by Aero Gravity.

Beyond the results obtained, the training activity carried out underlines the importance of sport in the psycho-physical rehabilitation process of military personnel who have suffered traumas that have changed their lifestyle forever. In particular, the resilience of military personnel with disabilities who have worked in special forces units in the past has allowed them to overcome often insurmountable obstacles for the able-bodied. The milestone achieved by the military has shown that it is not disability that defines a person, but the way in which the challenges that disability presents are faced: disability does not mean inability, but adaptability.