The Armed Forces participate in the EUNOMIA 2/2021 Exercise

(To Greater Defense)

Cyprus, Greece, France and Italy continue their joint presence in the Eastern Mediterranean as part of the Quadripartita - QUAD Initiative, carrying out for the second consecutive year the exercise called EUNOMY 2/2021; the training activities will take place from 04 to 07 October.

The EUNOMIA Exercise was launched in 2020 as a quadripartite initiative by Cyprus, France, Greece and Italy to ensure compliance with international law (UNCLOS) and to promote and maintain stability in the region, as well as to ensure freedom of navigation in the Eastern Mediterranean. .

The main operational objectives of the EUNOMIA Exercise are to promote the level of operational readiness, cooperation and interoperability between the maritime and air forces of the participating countries, as well as to develop their capacity to conduct and coordinate international air and maritime operations in the Mediterranean waters.