Joint Stars 23: main planning phase concluded

(To Greater Defense)

It was concluded, at the Air Force base of Poggio Renatico, the Main Planning Conference (MPC) with the aim of refining the preparation for the major Defense training event.

La Joint Stars 23 has as its objective the joint training of all the Armed Forces, in order to create greater synergy and interoperability between the various national and international structures.

The exercise will also make it possible to refine the procedures and bring into play all the intervention capabilities in a joint and inter-agency framework, including the dual ones of the Defense Section.

The conference was attended by experts of various specialties and services belonging to the Army, Navy, Air Force, Carabinieri, Guardia di Finanza, Coast Guard, Red Cross, Fire Brigade and Civil Protection.

The works were directed by the planning and exercises department of the operational joint command and were opened by air division general Claudio Gabellini, commander of the aerospace operations command who, in his greeting address to the numerous defendants, underlined the importance of the exercise, for the success of which he once again provided full and effective logistical support.

In his speech, the head of the planning and exercises department, division admiral Fabio Agostini, underlined how important cohesion and interaction between the Armed Forces is for the success of the exercise, and continued by specifying that these activities are necessary for improve the procedures between the various structures, in order to deal more efficiently and effectively with the new scenarios for national and international security.

At the end of the work week, the various syndicates completed the planning activities which, once refined during the Final Planning Conference next March, will come to life during the executive phase of the JS23 which will take place in Sardinia from 8 to 26 May.