Joint Stars 2023, the interagency phase begins

(To Greater Defense)

Decimomannu, 8 May 2023. Advanced medical posts of the Italian Red Cross to assist the wounded, activities aimed at combating smuggling, cyber operations, management of displaced persons, evacuation of refugees, check point to deal with illicit trafficking by land, sounding of the seas by specialized naval assets: the interagency phase of Joint Stars 2023 begins, the most important national defense exercise, planned and directed by the operational command of interforce forces (COVI). 

This phase will end on May 14 and will see as many as 28 exercise events which will involve, in addition to Army, Navy, Air Force and Carabinieri departments, also assets of the Finance Police, the Civil Protection, the Fire Brigade, the Red Cross Italian and the Port Authority. The aim is to increase the integration and interoperability between the components of the Armed Forces and the other branches of the State involved in the management of public order, in the fight against terrorism and illicit trafficking, in aiding refugees and in managing emergency situations. 

At Capo San Lorenzo specialized structures of the Carabinieri will carry out activities of Stability Police. In the course of operations, aimed at controlling the territory and looking for criminals, they will carry out checkpoints and searches also with the intervention of units of the special operations department (ROS). In Decimomannu, staff of space operations command (COS), del ecological operating core (NOE) of the Arma and the National Fire Brigade will follow a simulated reentry into the earth's atmosphere of the remains of a rocket used to put satellites into orbit, intervening on the impact site to carry out the analysis and decontamination of the area , in a security framework guaranteed by the Carabinieri Military Police departments. 

Navy, Guardia di Finanza and Guardia Costiera will patrol the waters in front of the city of Cagliari for a complex activity to combat smuggling at sea, which will see the initial use of the multi-role patrol vessel "Monte Sperone" and an ATR-72, in service in the naval and air departments of the Fiamme Gialle. available in the area, who will have the task of boarding the suspect vessel and escorting the crew members ashore for the subsequent judicial police duties. 

The Italian Red Cross participates in the exercise with a Advanced Medical Place, which will be in action for first aid and health screening and anti-COVID triage of rescue personnel at sea. In particular, it will simulate the sighting, about 15 nautical miles from the coast, of some boats in precarious conditions, one of which will capsize. Fast patrol boats of the Coast Guard and the Yellow Flames, with Red Cross medical teams on board, will head at maximum speed to the site of the sighting, starting the search and rescue activity for the shipwrecked. The intervention of Air Force helicopters is also expected, which will carry out medical evacuations (MEDEVAC).  

The Armed Forces, the Armed and Non-Armed Bodies of the State and the Civil Defense will train to maintain a high level of readiness and efficiency, in order to react promptly in any type of emergency.​