Joint Stars 2023: the Electronic Technical Department to support the national exercise

(To Greater Defense)

The technical preparation of the component was completed in recent days command and control to be deployed in the next exercise Joint Stars 2023 (JOST '23).

The activity was conducted and coordinated by electronic technical department (RTE) of the Army broadcast command which Technical Coordinating Authority (TCA) of the program Federated Mission Networking (FMN) of Defense and concerned the implementation of federated networks and services, interoperable within NATO, in the next operational coalition scenarios.

The preparation and training work, which was carried out in the laboratories of the electronic technical department of Anzio, saw the involvement of technical staff as trainers e leader National and Armed Forces FMN participating in JOST '23: Army (7th and 11th maneuver support transmission regiment and cybernetic security department of the transmission command), Navy (MARITELE) and Air Force (Re.GISCC).

At the end of the intense and highly technical activity carried out, four MNE (Mission Network Element) nodes were pre-configured, three of which belong to the participating Armed Forces and one to the joint command for special forces operations (COFS) and the technical staff was trained for their use.