Naming of the meeting rooms of the General Secretariat of Defense and National Armaments Directorate

(To Secret defense)

An exciting ceremony that took place today in Palazzo Guidoni, at Centocelle airport, headquarters of the general secretariat of defense and national armaments directorate, for the naming of the meeting rooms on the seventh floor.

The choice to name them after Italian personalities who have contributed to technological progress in the aeronautical and aerospace field is significant: the general of division Umberto Savoja (officer of the genius of the Italian Army and second Italian military pilot), the frigate captain Mario Calderara (officer of the Navy and first Italian military pilot) and Major General Luigi Broglio (officer of the Corps of the Air Force).

In particular, General Broglio is considered a precursor of space exploration for his work on rocket engines and in the development of the "San Marco Project" in the mid-twentieth century. The frigate captain Calderara and General Savoja served at the Centocelle airfield, where they received their first flying lessons from Wilbur Wright at the beginning of the 900th century.

The ceremony took place in the presence of the relatives of the aforementioned officers and civil and military authorities. The military chaplain, Don Salvatore Nicotra, blessed the commemorative plaques.

The secretary general of defense and national director of armaments, general of the army corps Luciano Portolano, after a brief address, expressed his satisfaction for having entitled the rooms to three figures of officers who are still points of reference today nationally because they have been able to combine the physical and moral courage of the military with wide-ranging technical knowledge. The general also highlighted how much the decision to name the meeting rooms of the general secretariat after three personalities who have given prestige and prestige to the Italian Armed Forces has been felt and shared on an inter-force level.