Meeting between SMD Chief Admiral Cavo Dragone and his US counterpart General Mark A. Milley

(To Greater Defense)

Today, at the headquarters of the Defense Staff, the Chief of the Defense Staff Admiral Giuseppe Cavo Dragone met with General Mark A. Milley, the Chief of the Defense Staff of the United States, in the context of the bilateral relations between our country and the United States of America in defense and armed forces.

During the conversation, during which topics of common interest were addressed, the two countries' commitment was renewed to strengthen cooperation on all fronts, starting from the training and operational sector, continuing with procurement, research and technological development.

The increasingly close cooperation between Italy and the United States in the field of defense is essential to strengthen the transatlantic partnership.

Admiral Cavo Dragone expressed the wish to “A further enhancement of cooperation with the United States military, in all domains including space and cyber”.