The sub-chief of SMD gen. Masiello participates in the commemoration of D-Day

(To Greater Defense)

Deputy Chief of the Defense Staff, General of the Army Corps Carmine Masiello, delegated by the Chief of Defense Staff Admiral Giuseppe Cavo Dragone, participated in a meeting between the 13 Chiefs of Defense of Western countries.

The meeting discussed current security challenges in Europe and the wider Mediterranean. 

While staying in Normandy, as a guest of the French Defense Chief of Staff, General Thierry Burkhard, General Masiello took part in the commemoration of the XNUMXth anniversary of D-Day, during a ceremony held on the site called Omaha Beach, and met some veterans.

On June 6, 1944, the allies launched the largest amphibious operation ever attempted to encircle and defeat Nazi Germany.

On the French beaches, in what will be remembered as D-Day, over 156000 soldiers and 20000 vehicles landed in one day, making a definitive contribution to the end of the war in Europe; the victims on both sides were about 14000.