The Gender project in the Armed Forces and in operational theaters

(To Greater Defense)

After the first four stages at the Naval Academy of Livorno, at the Scuola Universitaria Superiore Sant'Anna in Pisa, at the LUISS Guido Carli University in Rome and at the Air Force Academy of Pozzuoli, the fifth and sixth stages of the project "Gender perspective in military operations" in the Armed Forces in operational theaters, with the meeting and the laboratory-debate between the lecturers of the Interforze Summit Operational Command and the university students of the Naval Academy of Livorno and the Sant'Anna University of Pisa.

It was the second time for the students of the Naval Academy of Livorno where university students were able to present the progress of their work within the project, as well as the second time also at Sant'Anna where, with the skilful coordination of professors Anna Loretoni and Elisa Piras, the students presented the idea of ​​their scientific publication in which they will develop the analysis on training in the field of Gender Perspective in military operations.

In the workshop-debate the students were led by the team admiral Pier Federico Bisconti, chief of staff of the IOC, and by the lawyer Federica Mondani, gender advisor of the commander of the IOC, in order to structure a work that can be useful both in the civil and military fields.

Professor Nicola Bellé del Sant'Anna will integrate the publication through the results of a test on behavioral models on the subject Gender perspective in military operations.

The meeting was enriched by Admiral Bisconti's briefing on the planning and direction role that the Interforze Summit Operational Command played in the important support that the Armed Forces have given since the beginning of the Covid pandemic and continue to give national public health in measures to combat the pandemic. The admiral illustrated the main operations to combat the pandemic, IGEA and EOS, currently underway, which are providing important relief to the national health system in terms of monitoring and screening of the Italian population, through Drive Through Defense for the execution of the swabs and now in the vaccination of the population.

Present at the works was the rector of the Higher School Professor Sabina Nuti, who in her greeting renewed her thanks to those present, to the commander of the IOC, the Army Corps General Luciano Portolano, for the uniqueness of the Experimental the IOC strongly wanted and to the Chief of Defense Staff, General Enzo Vecciarelli, who sponsored the initiative.

The next steps of the project Gender perspective in military operations in the Armed Forces in the operational theaters, still in the definition phase, will involve university students and pupils of the Military Academy of the Army of Modena and the officers of the Carabinieri Application School of Rome.