The commander of the IOC meets the 146th course of the general staff

(To Greater Defense)

The general of the body of a beloved Luciano Portolano, commander of the Interforze Summit Operational Command (COI), met, at the Training Command and Application School of Turin, the officers attending the 146th General Staff Course, and held a conference aimed at illustrating international operations, their planning, and the pivotal role played by the IOC within the defense structure.

Particular emphasis was placed by General Portolano on the planning of the "Political-Strategic, Strategic-military and Operational level" with reference to the use of the national military instrument in the context of new scenarios, increasingly characterized by forms of threat hybrid and asymmetrical perpetrated by state and non-state actors, and in response to the current challenges coming from the regional areas considered to be of vital and strategic interest.

In particular, as commander of the IOC - the only command of the operational level at national level - General Portolano was keen to highlight the complexity and peculiarities that characterize the planning process of the strategic and operational level, which see the IOC as a protagonist in Defense sector, thanks also to its ability to interact with all international military commands and the Alliance, as well as with all governmental and non-governmental, military and civil organizations, in the context of the "Whole of Government Approach".

This conference represented a qualified opportunity for captains, whose staff course focuses primarily on planning military activities at the tactical level, to hear what is going on. one level up, in order to understand how the activities of the tactical level planned and conducted by them - which will soon be put into practice in Italy and abroad, in Joint and Multinational contexts - contribute to achieving the "effects of the operational and strategic level" .

A moment of in-depth analysis that represented the right opportunity to project the young officers into what will be their exciting professional future.