Defense veterans visiting Cassino

(To Greater Defense)

In recent days, the first meeting in the presence, after the period of restrictions related to the pandemic from Covid-19, took place in the city of Cassino, between a representation of Defense veterans and the staff of the Defense Veterans Center (CVD) in order to consolidate care and psychological support.

On the afternoon of June 14, the veterans, accompanied by a family member or a caregiver, gathered and participated in two team building sessions to finally share the various initiatives of the Center in person and plan further assistance and rehabilitation interventions.

On the second day the veterans, after carrying out the flag raising ceremony at the "Lolli Ghetti" Barracks, headquarters of the 80th "Rome" volunteer training regiment, visited, accompanied by the regimental commander, col. Valerio Lancia, the Abbey of Montecassino and the neighbor Polish Military Cemetery.

Back at the barracks, a conference was held in which Lieutenant Colonel Massimiliano Barlattani, head of the welfare activities coordination section of the CVD, illustrated the main activities carried out and the future objectives of the center aimed at promoting the figure of the veteran.

Particularly significant was the intervention of some veterans who, retracing the significant service events of their military career, shared their experiences with the audience, arousing deep admiration and emotion in the young recruits.

In this regard, Colonel Francesco Rizzo, director of the Defense Veterans Center, recalling that the CVD, framed within the "Celio" Military Polyclinic of Rome, is the only point of reference for the reception and assistance for Defense personnel who, in fulfilling their duty in the most diverse training and operational, has suffered physical or psychological trauma.

Colonel Rizzo also underlined how the experience of veterans underlies some fundamental values ​​of being a soldier: willpower, the importance of training, brotherhood and solidarity, the value of sport as a tool for social and work integration, bearing in mind that difficult times are best overcome with the support of the community to which one belongs.

At the end of the event, Colonel Lancia, thanking the Defense Veterans Center for the great honor rendered to the Regiment he concluded the conference with these words: "Thank you for showing us all the fragility and at the same time all the extraordinary strength that those who wear a uniform can express in the performance of their duties".