BLSD training for healthcare personnel

(To Greater Defense)

At the Military Medical and Veterinary School two BLSD training events took place in Rome (Basic Life Support and Defibrillation), ARES 118 accredited, in favor of health personnel employed at the Defense Vaccinal Center of the Military City of Cecchignola.

The courses were held by instructors from the Military Medical and Veterinary School of the Army who, in addition to being employed in Operation EOS at the Military City of Cecchignola, have made available their expertise and gained in the field of education and training, and have organized refresher courses for doctors and nurses of the Army, Navy and Air Force. These courses have made it possible to certify said personnel, with two-year validity, as BLSD performer according to the ARES 118 guidelines.

Numerous topics are proposed: from cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers, to the use of the defibrillator in the event of cardiac arrest up to brushing up on topics related to the basic management of emergencies and emergencies.

Currently engaged at the forefront in different Vaccination centers e Drive Through of Defense, together with soldiers from all the Armed Forces, the staff of the SANIVET School highlighted, once again, their joint vocation by guaranteeing the provision of face-to-face courses, in full compliance with social distancing rules. Promoting the standardization of knowledge and skills in these areas will favor not only a cultural and professional elevation, but also a sharing of experiences and greater protection for the population invited to undergo the anti-COVID-19 vaccination.

The EOS operation, ordered by the Minister of Defense Lorenzo Guerini, is directed by the IOC Defense, Interforze Summit Operational Command.