FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: the Italian Task Force achieves full operations

(To air Force)

With the deployment in the site designated by the military authorities of Qatar, the Task Force C-UAS (Counter-Unmanned Aerial Anti-drone System) of the Italian Air Force, based on the 16th wing for the protection of the forces of Martina Franca, has reached full capacity operational as part of the "Orice" operation, the bilateral support mission to the Qatari Armed Forces to ensure the security of the World Cup scheduled to take place in the Gulf Emirate between 20 November and 18 December next.

The C-UAS Task Force, led by col. Massimo Gallo, will contribute to the defense of the airspace to counter any unauthorized use of mini and micro drones, through the use of a C-UAS device consisting of portable jammers and the stationary anti-drone system ACUS (AMI Counter UAS) .

The result, which comes at the end of an intense training activity carried out both at home and upon deployment of the unit in Qatar, will allow the soldiers of the Arma Azzurra to implement interoperability with the EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) assets , for the CBRN defense (from chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats) and dog lovers of the Land Task Force of the Italian Army and with the Qatari and US defense systems.

The military of the Air Force operate within the brigade-led inter-force national device Sassari, commanded by Brigadier General Giuseppe Bossa, which also includes the REMUS Task Force of the Navy, which contributes to the safety of the waters near the coast through the REMUS 100 self-driving underwater vehicle, and the Arma dei Carabinieri, which performs consultancy activities for the security forces and special forces of Qatar and military police duties to guarantee the order and security of the soldiers of the contingent.